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    WEAM4i project at the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm

    The 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm took place between August 31st -September 5th under the theme “Energy and Water”. It was hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). This annual global event is aimed for concretely addressing the planet’s water issues and related concerns of international development. The event attracted over 2,500 participants and 200 collaborating organisations from around 130 countries worldwide.

    The “Energy and Water” theme took an overall “systems view” of how to develop and manage energy and water for the good of society and ecosystems at the local, national, regional and global levels.  It also dealt with and the ways to avoid unintended conseqThe 2014 World Water Week eventuences of narrow sectoral approaches. The “water, energy and food security nexus”, underpinning the green growth approach, was central to the agenda.

    Leaders and experts from the world’s scientific, business, government and civic communities convened in Sto
    ckholm to exchange views, experiences and shape joint solutions to global water challenges. Functioning as an open and dynamic platform, the World Water Week enabled participants to build a capacity, form partnerships and review implementation; thereby, advancing the world’s water, environment, health status, livelihood and poverty reduction agendas.

    The WEAM4i project, Water & Energy Advanced Management for Irrigation, was represented by Remco Dost from eleaf who acted as co-moderator for “Innovations for More Food with Less Water and Less Energy” seminar. The event was also co-convened by ADB, IWMI and Lahmeyer International, and it contributed to raise awareness of innovative thinking for the irrigation community in order to improve management of water as a key dimension of the water-food-energy nexus.

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