Pictures: (link)

Presentations and Brochures:

** Morning Session **

– WEAM4i Project Presentation, Dr. Maria Navarro, Project Coordinator (link)

– Reducing Energy Use and Costs in Irrigation Systems, Jose Maria Tarjuelo, CREA (Centro Regional de Estudios del Agua) (link)

– WEAM4i solutions:

  • Price perception module, CREARA (link)
  • Short-term weather forecasting for agricultural sector, METEOSIM (link)
  • Innovation on demand forecasting, ELEAF (link)
  • WEAM4i ICT/Cloud platform, HISPATEC (link)
  • HydrOptim, ADASA (link)
  • Yara Water Sensor – Irrigation scheduling protocols based on plant water status, Yara International (link)
  • Possibilities of power saving in extant irrigation networks by using automated pump or well control, Schulz + von der Ohe (link)

– Water governance: Reflections on Australian experiences and why we all need to play our part, Jeff Camkin, University of Western Australia. (link)

** WEAM4i Water-Energy-Food Session **

– Science-Policy Prospectives of the WEF Nexus – Giovanni Bidoglio (EC Joint Research Centre-ISPRA) (link)

– COPA-COGECA – Valentin Opfermann (link)

– WIRE Action Group– Adriano Battilani (Consorzio Bonifica CER) (link)

– SIM4NEXUS project/ICT4water cluster– Xavier Domingo (Eurecat) (link)

– MAGIC NEXUS Project – Violeta Cabello (UAB) (link)

– PRIMA and 4PRIMA– Diego Intrigliolo (CEBAS-CSIC) (link)

Summary of WEAM4i policy brief (link)

** WEAM4i B2B Session (Brochures) **

Resource efficiency at local level:

  • High pressure system optimization (GPS approach), (Schulz + von der Ohe) – Energy Efficiency (link)
  • Alternative power systems for low pressure irrigation systems, (LGRAIN)- Cost Efficiency (link)
  • Leaf sensors, (Yara International) – Crop per drop (link)

Decision Support Tools

  •  HydrOptim, (ADASA) – Cost efficiency, multi-objective scenarios simulation, season planning (link)

Information services and ICT Platform

  • Weather forecast, (METOESIM) – Information service (link)
  • Crop water demand forecast, (ELEAF) – Information service: Crop per drop (link)
  • Energy price forecast, (CREARA) – Information service: Cost efficiency (link)
  • WEAM4i ICT platform, (HISPATEC, HYDROLOGIC, ADASA) – Integrated information services and applications (link)