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    WEAM4i at the EIP Online Marketplace

    “In early November, the EIP Water’s so-called “Online Marketplace” passed the 1,500 registered users mark – a clear demonstration of its relevance as an increasingly important tool for the initiative’s communication and collaboration efforts.

    The EIP Water Secretariat managed a booth at the EIP Water Conference 2014 in Barcelona to showcase and demonstrate the functionalities, user features and other advantages of the Marketplace to a highly-interested audience. The Secretariat also conducted ten in-depth interviews on the user experience and functionalities of the Marketplace (MP) with pre-selected ‘power-users’ to receive their feedback on how to further optimize the MP. This feedback as well as other comments by visitors to the booth will build the basis for the planned improvements and expansions of the information and collaboration system in the coming year,”  EIP Newsletter.

    Water and Irrigation Management for Advanced Energy (WEAM4i) project is registered in the EIP Online Marketplace under the working groups of INNO DEMOS. The objectives of the project and the challenges faced are displayed in the page in addition to some other information and the presence of part of the consortium members.


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