A Water Policies Advisory Board (WPAB) was set up during the first month of the project, and its objective is to link the WEAM4i consortium with its broad network of members. The WPAB also provides the consortium with advice on project progress and makes recommendations on the next steps to implement. The members of the WPAB participate in the Steering Committee and Management Team meetings once a year and whenever needed. The required expertise in the WPAB is based on public law dealing with/responsible for regional water management (flood protection, land drainage, management and irrigation level)and its main tasks are: ensuring the link between the correspondent stakeholders and the WEAM4i project deliverables, support the demonstration of the integrated irrigation system in the three strategic sites in Spain, Portugal and Germany (WP7) and advice in dissemination of the project developments and results among consortium members and policy makers, agricultural industries, farmers, other EU projects, etc. (WP9).

Below is the list of members of WEAM4i WPAB:

  • Peter Verboven- EnergyVille (Smart cities), Belgium.
  • Durk Krol- WssTP (Technological association), European Union.
  • Jörg Janning- EUWMA (Water management), European Union
  • Tania Runge- COPA COGECA (Farmers association), European Union.
  • Dr. Volker Garbe- Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumers Protection Lower-Saxony (Public institution), Germany.
  • Joaquin Rodriguez Chaparro-SEIASA (Public company), Spain.
  • José Eugenio Naranjo- MAGRAMA (Public institution), Spain.
  • Manuel Omedas- CHE (Water authority), Spain.
  • Rafael Gómez Elvira- OMIE (Energy), Spain/Portugal.