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    Technical Coordination Meeting for the ABORO and ABROXO Pilot Sites, 2-3rd Feb 2015, Portugal

    A meeting of WEAM4i project took place in the Portuguese demonstrating sites (ABORO and ABROXO) between the 2-3rd February, 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the development of strategic model for the Portuguese pilot areas. The meeting was attended by representatives from FENAREG, AQUAGRI, ABORO and ABROXO as well as technicians from ADASA and UPC.    

    The strategic model- discussed in the meeting- will make it possible to estimate the demand for water needed for weam4i2irrigation and, based on this, meet the power consumption demands. It will enable an integrated management of the two factors – water and energy. The interactive smart grid allows a SMART Consumption approach; a logical management based on the demand which enables the optimization of the available supply; consuming energy when it is cheapest and optimizing the volume of water needed for irrigation.

    The participants also visited the pilot sites where the calibration data is being collected during the meeting.  

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