METEOSIM SL, is a technological consulting SME that -through highly reliable meteorological forecasts- provides advanced numerical solutions to sectors and industries whose activities are weather-sensitive. Established in 2003 and located at the BarcelonaSciencePark (Barcelona, Spain), METEOSIM SL’s main asset is the application of scientific knowledge, which provides valuable solutions to our clients on the basis of research and development with mesoscale and microscale weather forecast models.

Adasa is a specialized engineering company delivering technological solutions for water, and the environment. Since the 1980s, Adasa keeps driving innovation in water & environment technologies. Worldwide successful experiences place Adasa at the forefront of the sector, providing an intense technical specialization and a strong water & environment expertise.

Adasa provides a wide range of engineering and consulting services, with special emphasis on sensors manufacturing, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, installation of automation and control systems, implementation of hydrological management systems, and design, implantation and maintenance of water quality monitoring solutions.

More than 20 years of R+D and innovation have lead Adasa to develop 50 worldwide projects and 12 patents, highlighting innovative products for real time water quality monitoring, as well as advanced ICT solutions for water sector, matching R+D and innovation activities with water needs.

Adasa is present in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and North Africa.

Hispatec provides Software Solutions for the agriculture sector for more than 3 decades. Its central program, ERPagro, provides a wide range of solutions specially developed to facilitate the horticultural sector such process as financial and accounting, supplies and stock control, CRM and trading. Hispatec also provides IT solutions to farmers, wineries, seed companies… Leader in the Agro IT bussiness, its products are located throughout Spain and is now embarked in a successful international expasion.

Aquagri provides equipments and advice to irrigators to optimise their water use planning and daily implementation of irrigation management. This results in an increased crop yield and consistency, reduction of production cost (water and energy), and protects the environment. Aquagri ACE is committed to provide the best possible irrigation management advice by integrating the most advanced concepts, instrumentation, software, and research findings. The way we do this is by always aiming to improve the final products and benefit for the client. Aquagri ACE was first founded in the year of 1996. The partners of Aquagri ACE possess more than 20 years of real life working experience in advanced irrigation technologies, irrigation water management consultancy, and instrumentation for agro meteorology and soil moisture measurement. Aquagri ACE founders and collaborators have relevant background experience in Agricultural Engineering, Hydrology and IT. They all have well developed international experience.

The National Federation of Irrigators Communities in Spain (FENACORE) is a non-profitable association, founded in 1955, which gathers organizations dedicated to water management for irrigation, both from surface or groundwater, with the aim of combining efforts and willingness to defend their legitimate interests and rights of water use. Nowadays, there are around 2 million hectares of Irrigators Communities, which means more than the 80% of the national irrigated and managed by water users associations. FENACORE works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. In the international framework, FENACORE is a founding member of the Euro-Mediterranean Irrigators Community (EIC), representing in Brussels to all member countries with irrigation problems and interests.

FENAREG is the Portuguese Federation of Irrigation Associations. It was founded in 2005 and aims to promote the development of the irrigation sector providing knowledge and management tools to its associates. FENAREG also represents the irrigation water sector in the national and international institutions concerned with water resources management for irrigation. It includes 24 Irrigation Associations with a total irrigated area of 122.180ha, representing 70% of public owned irrigation associations and 17,7% of all Portuguese irrigation area.

Creara Energy Experts was established in 2003 in Spain and has become a national and international household name in the provision of high value-added engineering and consulting services in sustainable energy. Creara operates in Spain, Europe and Latin America under four company divisions: Consulting, Engineering, Energy Management and Training. The Consulting and Energy Management teams are mainly involved in the WEAM4i project working on the tasks concerning energy markets.

eleaf is a Netherlands-based high-tech company that supplies reliable, quantitative data on water and vegetation on any land surface to support sustainable water use, increase food production, and protect environmental systems. eleaf’s PiMapping® technology generates weekly updates of pixel-accurate time series of 50+ data components such as crop water requirements, crop water consumption, water productivity, and groundwater abstraction.

The LWK Niedersachsen (Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony) is a public corporation, financed by the farmers of Niedersachsen as well as by the Bundesland Niedersachsen. Having around 2000 employees in several regional offices, the chamber covers most aspects of agriculture (crop-farming and husbandry), private forestry, fishing, horticulture, beekeeping. These activities include: testing of new methods and technologies in own demonstration sites, laboratory testing, dissemination of results, training organization, consultancy services and expert reporting for the public administration, including the EC. The Chamber’s Regional Office at Uelzen is specialized on activities concerning agricultural irrigation, due to its strategic location close to the Northern German irrigation region.

Founded 1976 in Wrestedt, Germany, and firstly focused on hose reel machines manufacturing, LGRain GmbH is now a company with a wide expertise in irrigation equipment for agriculture and landscape and irrigation systems facility design. Its activities are focused on: engineering, consulting and installing services for water irrigation. LGRain GmbH turnover in 2012 was 5 M€, with 15 employees working on its facilities.

UT SEMIDE is an initiative of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. UT SEMIDE provides strategic tool for exchanging information and knowledge in the water sector between and within the 43 Euro Mediterranean countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. The information is made available by “a National Focal Point” (NFP) in each country and by a central “Technical Unit”, operational since November 1999. Today 22 National Focal Points (NFPs) have been nominated by the national water authorities of their country. UT SEMIDE Steering Committee is composed of the water directors from 13 countries. Dissemination of information and results on research activities is among its priorities, together with training, data management, documentation and institutional management. UT SEMIDE works closely with the European Commission and the European Environment Agency in particular for information and data management. It is also a supporting organization for the secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Its main objective is to develop and promote research that will help bring about scientific and technological progress. CSIC plays an important role in scientific and technological policy, since it encompasses an area that takes in everything from basic research to the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector. Its research is driven by its centres and institutes, which are spread across all the autonomous regions of Spain. The Soil Sciences and applied biology (CEBAS) centre located in Murcia and devoted to soil and water conservation research is the CSIC institute involved in the WEAM4i project.

ECLAREON is a consulting firm focusing on the new energy industries: renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart grids. Its services particularly focus on the European Union and the Americas. The ECLAREON client base comprises energy agencies, ministries, industry associations, manufacturers, wholesalers & system integrators, project developers & installers, private equity firms, utilities and banks. Main business areas are: research & consulting: policy & legal framework analysis, market & industry analyses, strategic analysis and financial services: mergers & acquisitions, investment support services, financial analysis.

The purpose of the General Irrigators Community Bardenas Canal is the water use from Aragón river, regulated by Yesa dam and its distribution among users through the hydraulics channel network of Yesa-Bardenas , consisting of Bardenas Canal and Main Ditches. The scope includes two Spanish provinces (Navarra and Zaragoza), co-managing with Ebro River Basin Water Authority water distribution among different users: 24 Irrigators Communities (81,107 hectares), 41 towns (54,777 inhabitants with a project for water supply to Zaragoza – 800,000 inhabitants), as well as farms and industries of the irrigation area and a system of mini hydroelectric power stations.

HydroLogic Research (HR) is a hydro-informatics company, specialized in providing innovative water management solutions and services in the Dutch and European markets ( The activities are focused on the major processes and components of the water environment, such as: rainfall information, regional water management, irrigation, water safety, fluvial and pluvial flood simulation, forecasting, warning and real-time control. The applications and services it develops use advances in hydro-informatics such as simulation models, data modeling, remote sensing, GIS-based modeling, risk and uncertainty analysis, artificial intelligence, decision-support systems, web services and mobile information and communication technologies.

ZIM Plant Technology GMBH has developed a robust, field-suitable, user-friendly, versatile applicable probe system which allows highly precise measurements of the hydration status (turgor pressure) of leafy plants (crop, fruit trees etc.) over an entire vegetation period in real time. The probe system has been invented by Prof. Zimmermann, former head of the Department of Biotechnology of the University Würzburg and at the present CSO of ZIM Plant Technology. The internet based ZIM-technology has been applied successfully to many plant species in South America, USA, South Africa, Australia and Europe. The results have been published in peer-reviewed journals (i.e. Bramley et al., 2012, Ehrenberger et al. 2012, Fernandez et al. 2011; Rüger et al. 2010; Zimmermann et al. 2010). Use of the probes have resulted in significant water saving and in an increase of productivity, and will thus opening new opportunities for irrigation strategies beyond the current state of art.

The engineering office Schulz + von der Ohe is mainly dealing with projects of hydraulic and civil engineering. The topic agricultural irrigation and water supply has been dealt with for longer than 40 years. During the last 5 years, the complete first planning and supervision of newly founded irrigation boards was carried out. Besides the “classical” development of water access through wells in combination with pipe network, the enterprise also managed constructions for water extraction out of major shipping canals. Finally, parallel to this, during the last years our mandates often implied the optimization and extension of existing pipe networks, often involving improvement of technical equipment and electronic control engineering.