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    ISHS Irrigation International Symposium on horticultural crops, Lleida (Spain) – 8-11 June 2015

    The forthcoming irrigation symposium on horticultural crops will be held in Lleida, Spain, from 8th to 11th June, 2015. It will bring together scientists who are working on the irrigation of horticultural plants to discuss the progress which has recently been made in this field and to map out the work to be done during the next decade.

    The science of irrigation currently finds itself in a critical situation. Questions relating to water-fed agriculture present more and more challenges as the human population continues to increase and drought affects more and more areas and with increasing frequency. Irrigation is now crucial for food production and must be carried out with less and less available water. We have therefore decided to organise the next ISHS symposium, sponsored by the Commission of Irrigation and Plant Water Relations, with the idea to discuss the different possibilities for improving the efficiency of irrigation systems, considering questions relating to both management and plant physiology at the same time. In this meeting will make a special effort to promote the exchange of ideas, to foster interaction between scientists and to stimulate open discussion during the oral sessions.

    To learn more about the symposium and/or to submit an abstract or register for the event, please visit our website: http://www.ipcongressos.com/en/symposium/irrigation-horticultural-crops

    The Organizing Committee invites you to submit the abstracts for oral or poster presentations on the following topics (sessions):

    1. Evapotranspiration and irrigation requirements
    2. Drought management
    3. Modeling water transport in SPAC in relation to irrigation management
    4. Soil and plant water stress assessment
    5. Remote sensing applications to irrigation
    6. Salinity and irrigation in the age of desalination
    7. Vineyard irrigation in relation to grape and wine quality
    8. Fruit tree irrigation
    9. Irrigation of horticultural cover crops
    10. Social and Geostrategic constraints of irrigation

    As the aim of the symposium is to encourage greater participation by those who attend the event, we have decided that the oral presentations will be chosen according to the following criteria:

    1. Scientific rigour
    2. The novelty of the concepts presented
    3. Challenging and provocative approaches

    It could be a good idea to add a few words in the abstract that explain how the authors think their presentations could help to encourage questions and participation.

    Dates and Deadlines

    Call for Abstracts opens 1 October 2014
    Call for Abstracts closes 31 January 2015
    Authors notified of results 28 February 2015
    Presenter registration deadline 1 March 2015
    Call for Paper for publication in Acta Horticulturae®
    31 July 2015 (not extendable)


    Jordi Marsal (Convener)
    Water Use Efficiency

    Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida
    Parc de Gardeny. Edifici fruitcentre
    25003 LLEIDA
    Tel: + 34 973032850   Ext: 1586
    Fax: + 34 973238301

    Attendance from WEAM4i consortium:

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