The main concept to be demonstrated is the water demand-side management according to available energy offer. In line with it, the main objectives for the project are:

– Demonstrate an innovative water & energy smart grid for irrigation: introducing demand-side management and matching with available energy offer (often renewable), thanks to the water storage capability and the ‘near- almost elastic’ demand from users

Development of small field  pivot systems through diverse technical modifications on center pivot or linear ramp irrigation systems for 15 ha field sizes. Corresponding to the existing underground pipeline-network systems which normally use 100% by high pressure needed hose reel machines. The vision should be, to replace most of the hose reel machines as possible with center pivot or linear ramp irrigation systems.  The result should be energy saving the reduction of more than 50% of the needed water pressure, improvement of water-yield efficiency and reduction of labor costs. Just to grow more with less input.

– Demonstrate innovative techniques for resource efficiency at local level: for saving water in the local irrigation systems (and consequently, saving energy), for improving the m3/kwh ratio and for the minimisation of the operational cost of water supply infrastructures.

– Develop an innovative integration approach: an ICT/cloud platform based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), for hosting weather forecast and remote sensing data services and the applications, while, at field level, the existing local irrigation systems will remain.

All data provider and all data consumer will be connected into WEAM4i system using the same protocol. That will be achieved by creating specific connectors for each application. Finally the output data will be normalized in order to be consumed for several systems  (presentation, analysis, dissemination, operation, etc.),  such as Web portal, Mobile apps, SMS, e-mail, SCADA, etc.