Facilitate, support and speed up the development and deployment of innovative solutions to water challenges. The WEAM4i project will face water challenges by demonstrating four main innovative approaches:

– The introduction of demand-side management for water and energy, boosted by overcoming the current barriers that prevent the water users to get into the interactive energy market.

– The innovative approach for calculating water demand forecast, mainly based in remote sensing and weather forecast, do not require of costly infrastructure of water metering in the field. This fact will speed up the adoption of the WEAM4i innovative solutions in irrigation areas with low investment perspective.

– The deployment of an open and interoperable ICT platform for irrigation advanced services, expandable in applications, services, irrigation areas and users.

– Improved crop specific demand forecasting leading to enhanced steering of the irrigation will increase the water efficiency (crop per m³ irrigation water).

Create market opportunities for these innovations both inside and outside Europe.