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    Euro-Mediterranean Projects Dialogue To Enhance Water-Energy-Food Nexus Meeting, Barcelona, 21-22 January 2015

    CSIC organizes in Barcelona, Spain, next 21st and 22nd January 2015 the “Euro-Mediterranean projects dialogue to enhance water-energy-food nexus meeting”.

    The co-existence of many different projects in the Mediterranean area coping with common and interlinked challenges in an independent way, urges to establish a common dialogue. Following the experience of the International Learning Network, this dialogue could stimulate synergies among the projects, discuss their common challenges and the synergetic possibilities in the context of the current Euro-Mediterranean dialogue on RTDI, and give them the opportunity to make recommendations to improve this Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, supporting therefore the setting of a Mediterranean Space on Research and Innovation on energy, food and energy.

    By organizing this meeting MEDSPRING intends to open a discussion with a number of identified running projects having partners from the MPC about how this dialogue could be established and which results could be expected.

    Please find the event agenda.

    Attendance from WEAM4i consortium:

    ADASA presented WEAM4i project at the occasion.

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