• 08 MAR 17
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    Check out the new deliverable of WEAM4i!

    Check out the new deliverable of WEAM4i!

    A new deliverable by WEAM4i project ‘Deliverable 9.5 Policy brief publication in Water Knowledge Portal‘ has been published. It presents the policy challenges and recommendations focusing on three topics ‘Energy Efficient Irrigation,’ ‘Integrated management of WaterEnergy-Food (WEF) nexus’ and ‘The need of standardization’. The policy brief includes concrete recommendations and actions, in particular related to legal as well as non-regulatory barriers identified with a synthesis of WEAM4i project relevant to the local and regional policies. A summary of this deliverable will be distributed during ‘WEAM4i final conference,’ held in April 6th 2017 in Barcelona, which will host a session discussing ‘Water-Energy-Food Nexus Policy in Irrigation’ covering the recommendations provided in this deliverable.

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