Agriculture sector is accountable for 30% of the total water consumption in Europe, but reaches up to 70% of total water consumption in several European southern countries. In recent years, most of the efforts have been focused on water efficiency, without taking care of energy aspects, resulting in some cases on a significant increase in energy consumption, both per irrigated surface and per volume unit of water. The WEAM4i project mainly addresses 2 of the priorities of the EIP on Water: “Water-Energy nexus” and “Decision support systems (DSS) and monitoring”.

Techniques for resource efficiency at local level were demonstrated on the irrigation systems aforementioned: for saving water, for improving the m3/kwh ratio and for the minimization of the operational cost of water supply infrastructures. Full-scale demonstration activities were performed in 3 EU countries (Portugal, Spain and Germany), covering a wide range of landscapes and crop types, from southern to central EU.