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    XV, NO. News. Weast MarriesKansas City GirlMrs. Frank Kastelitz accompanied by Mrs. Wm. Carbon County officials are reviewing self-defense claims in the fatal shooting near a trailhead south of ... Get the latest in local public safety news with this weekly email. Borah of Idaho demands thatthis government keep hands offthe European crisis and says thatfascist and communist doctrinesconstitute the severest trial which"the lust for power and frenzy ofcrime" have inflicted on the human ;family.Washington—-Secretary Morgenthau says the United States will |discontinue until further notice Ipurchase of silver from Mexico, iWashington—The Roosevelt administration wins a long drawn outlegal struggle with utility holding jcompanies when the supreme jcourt decides the companies must |register with the securities and ex-jchange commission. D. M. Sayles, Dr. J. F. C. Siegfriedt, Dr. H. G. Morgan, Dr. E.M. Adams, Dr. John Oleinik, Mrs.A. US-Mining provides information on mines, operators, and minerals mined in Carbon County, MT Rhodes. If an open season on deer is the desire of the majority ofthose concerned in Carbon county, then we should haveone. "Claimants must establish theirentitlement to these insurance benefits by submitting properproofs,Mr. Press | the Billing's office of the Social'Security Board, in a statement tothe Picket-Journal. Ann Jane Mallin, wife ofRichard Mallin, who died in theSmith mine disaster, died hereWednesday evening after a longillness.Ann Jane McKee, was horn inAndrie, (Scotland, January 29,1878. Now, a county committee is revisiting the project and started holding meetings last Novemeber. Sheoard 69, Frank iSumisek 65, LouisKuhar 56, David Sommerville 60,Bdw. Johnson and Leslie Lyons.Judges for the election, whichwill be held from 1 p. m. to 6 p.m. at the Field school, are C. È.Thompson, G. L. Finley and Mrs.Emma B. Rydberg.Considerable misapprehens ionhas been manifested as to qualifications of electors in a schoolC. Price wassisters, Mrs. Joe Rooney of Redj Lodge, Mrs. George Patterson ofButte, and Mrs. Vivian Kober ofTacoma; four brothers, LeslieCline of Red Lodge, Vernon andFloyd Cline of Boyd, and CharleyCline of Tacoma; his grandmother,Mrs. 24RED LODGE, CARBON COUNTY, MONTANA.FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1943SERVICES HEED FOR MENWHO DIED IN SMITH MINEMost Services Held in Red Lodge and Bearcreek; SeveralBodies Sent Away For Burial.JOHN HODNIKGraveside services were heldSunday for John Hodnik, who losthis life in the Smith mine calamity.The Rev. We have come hereto conduct a memorial service forall of them but more especiallyfor those who have not had anymass or prayers officially spokenfor them.An occasion, as this demands alanguage which is not easily spoken. jWoodsburgh, N. Y.—Charles !Milgrim, millionaire Manhattancouturier, is tortured by four robbers who invade his Long Islandhome, terrorize and bind his servants and family and steal $100,000 worth of jewelry.Chicago—Bears, Roebuck & Co.reports net earnings and sales forthe fiscal year ending Jan. 31breaks all previous records for theretail sales and mail order concern. < fingerling gaine fish are distributedfrom the 13 state operated hatcheries during the last fiscal year,John W. Schofield, stale uperintendent of fisheries for the game_rdepartment, says.Helena—The state board of pardons announces it will approve aparole for Harry Irby of Ovandowho has served 22 years of a lifesentence in Montana state peniCumdrW ham ^ Slayi " g oi ' Lee M "Tielena—Heavy snows thoroughly soak farm lands in northern.Montana.Helena—A new gold stampedein historic Last Chance gulch, nowHelena's main street, is disclosed.Placer operations, some carried onsecretly and at least one openly,are paying from 10 cents to severaldollars per pan, operators report.Glasgow—A man killed in thefreight yards when he fell from amoving train, is identified as Wes-;ley I. Shreaves, 53.Bozeman— J. S. Edwards, 94,Civil war veteran, who, with arecord of 73 years' membership inthe I. o. Elizabeth McKeehan May'sfuneral, her widower asks friendsto contribute to a fund for medical studies to reduce mortality inmaternity cases.Washington— SenatorWilliamE. Don’t miss our fresh pan-seared mussels, the local’s favorite!. The Rev.Charles Rhodes officiated at theservices.Pallbearers were: Carl Branstetter, Guy McClellan, GordonRowan, Everett Zimmerman, Ronald Crooks and Ben Warila.Leland J. Cline was bora onNovember 23, 1917 at Miles City,the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cline,who were residents of Montanafrom 189(1 until recently. 256, known as "The StateHighway Treasury AnticipationDebenture Act of 1943." Box 970, Red Lodge, MT 59068. Carbon County is part of the Billings, MT Metropolitan Statistical Area. A protester holds a Trump flag inside the US Capitol Building near the Senate Chamber on Wednesday, January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Starkle was celebrant.With the ending of rescue opera ^i OTls the miners from Butte andf rom the Benbow and Mouat minesnear Columbus, who stayed to theend; returned to their homes. Lump-sum benefit payments are made in caseswhere there are no survivors entitled to monthly benefits. Learn more, Image provided by: Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT. The Carbon County News is a weekly newspaper published every Thurs. To achieve this honor, students must be enrolled full-time or for 12 semester credits and carry a minimum 3.33 grade point average. for RichardMallin, Tuesday from the RedLodge Congregational church. Carbon County, Montana has 3,629 mining claims on public land listed in The Diggings™. 3, a coal mine located between the towns of Bearcreek and Washoe. Halpin 42, James Allison51, Vid Zaputil 50, David J. Davis42, Eino Rahkola 27, Wm. "The monthly insurance payments will be made tochildren until they are 18, if theyremain in school, or until they are16 if they do not attend school; towidows of any age, if they havesuch children in their care; or to |widow at age 65, if she is withoutyoung children. His parents [Mr. andMrs. Many contributions ofhome cooked pies, doughnuts, etc.,were sent from various sections ofCarbon county to be used at thecanteen.The Red Gross Motor Corps under the direction of its Chairman,Mrs. Residents are asked to please continue to take precautionary measures around high-risk populations. Matt Kainu, Washbum, Wisconsin; two brothers,Jack Hakala, San Francisco, andMike Hakala, Sedro-Worlley, Finland.Funeral services will be held at2:3(0 p. m. from the Olcott Chapel.The Rev. He was employed by the R. E. A. at Joliet,and later moved to Red Lodgewhere he worked for the U. S.Vanadium company as a scalewest of Boyd, after graduation.Cline was married in (Livingstonmain, where he remained until theshut down last fall. Schofield, superintendent of thestate's fish and hatcheries, and forwarded to Bill Curran, president ofthe Red Lodge Rod and Gun club.In a letter accompanying thetelegram, Schofield wrote Curranthat "regardless of what sectionsin the state these screens mayinstalled we feel that it will makea good start in this state. The boy waswell liked and had a cheerful airand a dash of native Irish humorthat made him irresistible.He was employed for Plunkettfor a time, then accepted a job asprinter's helper with the CarbonCounty Journal. He is around 25-35 pounds wearing a light blue collar. He had made his homedm Carbon county. (this sum to be employed in rehabilitating the (State's highwaysystem and to enable the State toavail itself of all Federal funds tohe allocated to (Montana for itshighway work. Headquartered in Red Lodge at the base of the Beartooth Mountains of Montana 256, which I have just approved," Governor Ford said. This is an invitation and ifyou have anything to say, here's your chance. Romek sang the"Old Rugged Cross. . [Iî\[i_, . These sig( Continued on Page 5)aMRS. 1936-current, March 12, 1943, Image 1, brought to you by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. Bruner explained. Joe Enrico, Red Lodge, hasbeen appointed publicity directorfor the drive.The Women's Field Army waslaunched last year by the AmericanSociety for the Control of Cancer,In one year more than 100,000women have enlisted in the Army.During the month of April theCarbon county women will be asked to enlist themselves with theField Army to help in the advancement of the "Fight Cancer withKnowledge" campaign. He then worked in the Mouat chrome mine and! Filter 84 mines by commodity, disposition, development status, and record type in Carbon County, Montana. Verna Cline of Red Lodge;a small daughter, Donna Lee; hisparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cline,of Tacoma, Washington; threehad only recently entered the employ of the Montana Coal andIowa on November 6 , 1889, the sonQ .j> ]^,; c h a rd and Anne John Price,At the time of his death, Priceb ad been a resident of Carboncounty for 37 yea rs. Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1777-1963 or use the U.S. "After all,Frank is a mighty fine chap," theGov, stated. DeBourg 55, Leland Cline 26, Willi am Pe l 0 46, Jules Besinque 51,.clem Lodge 51, Andrew Jordan 21,j 0 h n Sommerville 34, Wm. "I should like to emphasize thefact that all of the dates connected with the submission of the referendum have been fixed by theLegislative Assembly, the machinery for the holding of the electionhas been provided by House BillNo. "Under the Federal insurancesystem many thousands of dollarswill be paid to the survivors during the next several years," Mr.Bruner said. "Adam Wakenshaw was bora in_ ,Swalwell, county Durham, Eng-,land on February 17, 1871. There was only a calm determination to do anything andeverything that was best for theloved ones and all others conceraed.And what can we say of thesebrave men—many of them brothers, fathers, and relatives—who,daily took their lives into theirhands to carry on the search for(those who were still entombed.Surely they showed of what wonderful stuff they were made andeveryone is eternally grateful forwhat they did.TRIBUTE TO THE DEADBut let us not forget it that(those who were entombed were theThey daily tooksame kind of people possessed ofthe same admirable qualities asthose who worked and prayed fortheir recovery.their lives in their hands that ourhomes might be heated and lighted,and that the wheels of industrymight turn. Furthermore, I am abolishing WPA, PWAand all that sort of rot. - Carbon County is in the midst of plans to build a Detention Facility on Hwy. , ,, ,. After the death of hisfather, also a miner, he entered theSmith mine at the age of 17.He was married to Miss Ann Kovack August s, 1935 at'Red Lodgewhere they have resided since. "This includes mice, too, on account they look something likedeer and are of the same family,Who are we to break up a family ?Just because deer have long earsis no sign we should shoot 'em.Gosh! USA (1,111,104) > Montana (7,280) > Carbon County (163) > Carbon County Newspapers and Obituaries (40) . Theremainder, including three criminal cases, were either dismissedor postponed.A jury Wednesday declared forthe plaintiff in the litigation of E.M. Clark, Red Lodge creek rancher,vs Mrs. Annie Deuel and MagnusNelson, Castagne farmers. 212. Cowger also said the Absarokee, Park City and Reed Point rural fire departments had responded along with fire departments from Red Lodge, Fromberg and Joliet in Carbon County. Call 406-446-2345, 7am-6pm Monday through Friday. He was a member of .United Mine Workers ofmenca, Local Mo. Thomas Starkle officiated at the services.Pallbearers were Sgt. Of these claims, 11.1% are active while 88.9% are now closed. (posai to issu© highway debentures in the total sum of $8,000,000 during the years 1944 to 1946;! CARBON COUNTY - Local COVID-19 Health Orders in Carbon County have been rescinded by Health Officer Dr. William George. It requires a language whichcan only (be spoken with theheart; heart to heart, soul to soul,spirit to spirit. I beJ URY HEARS ONLYTWO COURT CASESdistrictThe January term ofcourt ended here Thursday, withonly two cases being tried out ofthe original 13 on the docket. County Courthouse 102 N. Broadway PO Box 230 Red Lodge, MT 59068 (406) 446-1234 / (406) 446-1239 (fax) Carbon County News Online - Online Newspaper Carbon County, Montana Public Records Directory - Quickly find public record sources in the largest human edited public record directory. Price, Glendale California, Verne E. Price,Bremerton, Washington, and Wil]j am g Price, Glendale, California;, h i s m0)ther; Mrs. Anne Price, Biljjngs; seven brothers, Reece Price,j Laurel, Tom and Arthur Price, inijEMIL ANDERSONColorado, Ben (Price, Pittsburg,Penn., Richard and William Price,Portland, Oregon, and John Price,Paradise, Montana; and threegrandchildren.Funeral services were heldfor Emil Andrew Anderson, 40,of Washoe, who died in the mineexplosion, Thursday at the RedLodge cemetery. Laird 55, James McNeish 65.Lawrence Reid 41, Wm. He attended school in Billings and graduated from Billings high school in1936. Hopes for finding any of the menalive had faded several days previously.Pays Tribute ToDead Smith MinersFor our readers who have beenrequesting copies of the memorialmessage delivered by the Rev. CARBON COUNTY - Carbon County started on their master plan to build a detention facility more than a year ago, but the pandemic forced the county to put their plans on hold last March. CARBON COUNTY - Local COVID-19 Health Orders in Carbon County have been rescinded by Health Officer Dr. William George. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. The Rev. All restaurants, bars, casinos, taprooms and coffee shops in Carbon were ordered to close at 5 p.m. Tuesday for a week to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.. Carbon County news. Its county seat is Red Lodge. My ai-m is tired now fromgiving the Nazi salute to my adherents right here in Berlin."Helena—Gov. "There dis an enormous amount ofcomfort flowing out of that silent~(re to all who have .ufferedso great a loss as this. A. W. Seebart, of theCongregational church, and theRev. This newspaper has no quarrel whatsoever with theRed Lodge Rod and Gun club in its decision the other nightj to petition for such a season.However before any definite stand, purporting to comefrom the county is taken in the matter it is our sincere belief, as a matter of fairness, that other sections of the counsubsist to state their opinions. Carbon County Democrats of Montana. The Rev. He had been a !resident here for 50 years. If anybody needs relief, let 'em go fishing or something." Charles R.Rhodes, of the Methodist church,the Rev. Press | The natureof this message can perhaps hebest described by giving the wordsof the scripture: "Be of good cheer,I have overcome the world. (Survivors in addition to his widow, Mrs. Helen Hodnik are hismother, Mrs. John Hodnik, Sr., ofStandard, Ill., three .brothers, Private Joe Hodnik of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Sergeant Henry Hodnik ofFort Knox, Kentucky, and LeonHodnik of Mouat mine at Nye; onesister, Mrs. Walter (McElhaney ofTacoma, Washington, and a numher of aunts, uncles and cousins.ADAM WAKENSHAW andROBERT WAKENSHAWJoint funeral services for Adamvero, Bus Loughney and C. R.Baldwin sang the "Old RuggedCross. The discity of the Clark Fork valley.Valley points and Red Lodge. The auitLi', ElizabethSeifert, is a native Missourian.Oakland—Instead of flowers forMrs. "I haveseen the light," the executive stated emphatically as he lit a match,"from now on business will have afree hand with no interferencefrom the government. External Link Disclaimer | The trialwas based on this point. Mr.Johnson and three other occupantsof the car stopped and offered assistance to the injured man.APPROVES OPENINGSEASON FOR DEERWithout a dissenting vote, members of the Red Lodge Rod andGun club in special meeting Fridaynight of last week decided to petition the state fish and game commission to open Carbon county forhunting of deer next fall.Bill Curran, president of the organization, called the session atthe suggestion of B. L. Price,chairman of the state game body.Mindful of the situation lastfall, when an order opening theseason was rescinded at the lastminute because of ambiguity indescribing area open to hunting, aclub committee presented a mapwith those portions shaded whichwere suggested closed. Bruner, assisted by RobertI. Please follow us or check back for urgent updates! ("Section 16 provides that for'the purpose of this election alonethe County Clerk shall close régis.on Friday, dayMay. Printed by theClark P!ork Publishing company,the paper was edited by Jerre C.Murphy.That Belfry was "looking up" isshown by an advertisement inserted by the Belfry Townsite Co.,which urged the populace to "letnot your chances like sunbeamspass you by," and pointing outthere are still "some choice lotsAIR MAIL WEEKTO BE OBSERVEDFROM MAY 15-21Dr. Dr, Soudersis in charge of the Mt. Search for: South Central – Carbon County. Health restrictions will default to the restrictions set by the State of Montana according to a release on the City of Red Lodge Facebook. Thehighway patrolmen who were ofinvaluable assistance in the rescue work have also returned totheir homes.The discovery of death notes,w hich were written falterly withhaik on rough boards told thetQ ry 0 f five miners who lived forti me after the explosion and whotried vainly to escape the effect ofthe gas.Mine officials said that footprints «bowed that the men hadSpiedto ahnt themsSvës offrom the rest of the mine in asma u chamber. Claude E. Johnson,Red Lodge, was attorney for theplaintiff, while H. A. Simmons, RedLodge, represented the defense.Thursday a Jury returned a verdict for the defendant in the matter of Miss Ruth M. Krumholz vs(Continued on Page 5)lieve in being brothers under theskin and all that. Matt Erkkila.The Rev. Both individuals were in their 80s and died in out-of-county hospitals. The county started the project more than a year ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to put their plans on hold last March. Iver Flatmo has receivedword/ °,f the marriage of her son,Sergeant John Martin Weast toMiss Ruth Neunstoccklin, at Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday.March 6 .Sergeant Weast is attending T.W. The female was aged 103, brings the total death count to nine. Permeate Earth !iilOOJ urn«I-Washington—In a White Housepress conference today, President(Roosevelt recanted his long standing views on corporations and other forms of Big Business. F. lodge, is acclaimedthe oldest member of the fraternalorder in America, is honored byWestern Star lodge at a dinnermeeting here.Helena—"Introducing Montana,the Mecca of Sportsmen," a fourpage rotogravure section, is afeature of the March issue of Fieldand Stream, national sportsmen'smagazine.NationalWashington—The narrow margin by which Roosevelt forcesaverted a senate defeat on the government reorganization issue indicates an increasing restiveness inCongress. N. Barry 26, David Murray 56, and ElmerPrice 53. Six Carbon County teachers quarantined during first week of school due to COVID-19 exposure Duration: 02:11 8/22/2020 Six teachers in the Carbon School District are in … The bridesmaid wore anavy blue ensemble with a corsageof pink roses. Tooîey Is Carbon HeadFor AnniversaryObservanceCooperation of Red Lodge cityofficials, county officials, civic andsocial organizations is asked tomake National Air Mail Week, May15 to 21, an outstanding event for1938. XIX. Total approximate cost of the disaster operation was $1,238.48; for medicalservices $178.93; for food $903.20;for telegrams regarding men inservice $55.97; for bedding andnecessary equipment at the emergency hospital $97.58; for administrative expense $2.80.Several contributions wore sentin by individuals and a $250.00contribution was made by theSafeway stores. USA.gov, Carbon County news. 858. He is survived by his widow,Mrs. Learn more, Image provided by: Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT, VtACARBON COUN T Y NEWSOFFICIAL PAPER OF CARBON COUNTY AND CITY OF RED LODGERED LODGE DAILY NEWSCARBON COUNTY NEWSVOL. He had worked there continuously from thatjtricttime until the time of his death,He was married on January 27, (1922 to Agnes McBride at Red 1Lodge. There was no hysteria. The Christ 'has 'indeed not only shown us the jway of life, living through every jphase and' aspect of it himself: he|has also shown us how to be vie- jtorious over death by walking a- jhead of us every step of the way—even to this victory over thegrave. JOLIET, Mont. 1, is expected hereSaturday when two outgoing memhers of the board seek rc-election.John Sim, incumbent, will be opposed by Lorin Lochridge for thethree-year term, whileDowns, incumbent, willcompetition from Vern E. Owenfor the two-year tenure of office.Carryovers on the five-manboard are J. J. Gerondale, ClaudeE. Home News Stapleton visits Carbon County About two and a half years ago, “Things that Matter” was launched by Corey Stapleton, Montana Secretary of State (SOS). The following list includes subjects who have outstanding warrants throughout the Carbon County area. Dominic Fahe had been for seven months.Hodnik and Miss Helen Karinawere married on May 21, 1040. A.W. A. specialist school at KansasCity. It has been pointed outthat the voter need not be registered nor need he be a property owner to vote. Feree, Dr. C. E. Beltzer, Dr. G.F. Tidyman, Dr. S. M. Souders,Dr. .RED LODGE DAILY NEWSVOL. The number of people experiencing homelessness in Carbon County almost tripled between 2019 and 2020, according to a federally mandated count. Mailing Address: P.O. (Source: Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers) Carbon County Sentinel Mar 1, 1901 - Apr 25, 1902 (Source: Google News Archive) Murphy has had considerable experience in political andcivic affairs. She came to Lignite, Montana when she was five years old.She was married to Richard Mallin in Bozeman, in 1808. JudgeGuy C. Derry, who presided, gaveeach party 10 days to file requestfor findings. Call 406-446-2345, 7am-6pm Monday through Friday. w r i IDies In ColumbusJohn W. Hakala, 67, of RedLodge died in Columbus onWednesday, March 10. Mrs. Agnes(Continued on Page 8)? Jobs | Ir °n company at Bearcreek.] Jacob Sudar settled in Bearcreek when he was three yearsold. Efforts should be made to have B. L. Price,ed — should be limited to those of four points or more, thusprotecting the young buck. VI. Vaccine interest survey (preferred) located at the top of this page. A shift of three voteswould have sent the reorganization bill to join the court bill oflast summer in the limbo of a committee pigeonhole.New York—A Missouri housewife, the mother of four children,wins a $10,000 prize novel for afirst novel. "—the grave—death itself,TRIBUTE TO THE LIVINGThere have been many storiesof bravery courage, daring andherosim which have come out ofthat inconceivable disaster,want to pause here long enough toattempt to formulate for all of usthat unlimited admiration whichwe hold Joward all of those persons who were, shall I say, on theoutside looking in, or working in.Mothers, wives, sisters, brothers,fathers, sons, and sweethearts faced this disaster and the threat ofdeath with a calmness and a courage Which won the highest admiration of all. 1936-current, https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84036287/1938-04-01/ed-1/seq-1/. Explore the Healthiest Communities assessment of Carbon County in Montana through 84 measures that influence community health. The mother of thebride wore a pale green dress witha corsage of white gardenias.Ushers were George Savage,Hughesville, and Sam Filieetti,Havre.Members of the Groom's SocialFraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, attended the wedding in a body.Immediately following the wedding ceremony, the couple werehonored at the (Montmartre Cafewith a wedding breakfast givenby the bride's parents. We always hand-cut our signature steaks to ensure quality. Audrey Bailey was on duty.constantly transporting, personnel, foodstuffs ' and medical supplies and 1 meeting transportationneeds that might arise.The headquarters office in therear of the Meyer and ChapmanBank was under the direction 1of the Chapter Chairman, Mrs. jRay Norton, who in cooperation Iwith C. R. (Schmidt, disaster chairman countywere directly in charge of all RedCross relief work.Hundreds of volunteers gavevaluable service in every phase ofthe work.Through the HomeService department, Mrs. James F.Brophy sent numerous telegramsin order that men in the armedforces would be granted furloughsto come home.Miss HenriettaWilkins, assistant to the directorof the area office in St. Louis, and:Mr. Edward Brandhorst, generalfield representative for this sectionof Montana, arrived in Red Lodgeshortly after the disaster andworked with the chapter in anadvisory capacity. Carbon County MT Newspapers and Obituaries. Mrs. Weast is a member ofthe WAAC and is in training fora position as radio operator.RECOVER LAST BODY OFTRAPPED MINE WORKERSCommunity Memorial Services Held Tuesday; CatholicMass Celebrated Monday; Many Private FuneralsBeing HeldSunday evening, eight days after an explosion rippedthrough the Smith mine at Washoe, filling the workingswith poisonous gas, the body of the last of the 74 men wholost their lives in Montana's worst coal mine disaster, wasremoved from the mine. He said traf, fic will continue to use the detouruntil repairs are made or a newbridge is built.Yocum, driving south to(Continued on Page 4)[RedCALIFORNIA GOVERNOR CANDIDATE WASONCE RED-HEADED IRISH BOY OF CITYA red-haired Irish boy who hadto quit the Red Lodge schools andgo to work to help support a widowed mother is now a candidatefor the governorship of California.He is Daniel (Dave) Murphy,now sheriff of San Francisco county, who recently tossed his hat into the California gubernatorialring.Word of his candidacy was received here by J. P. Plunkett, RedLodge busines sman, who employed "Dave" as helper in the plumbing business 28 years ago.timers will recall the ambitiousIrish boy as the youth who usedto dash madly through Red Lodgestreets with his sorrel horse andwagon, delivering goods for Plunkett. The county started the project more than a year ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to put their plans on hold last March. Carbon County Public Health reports another death due to COVID-19. Michael Ryanof St. Patrick's Church in Billingsand the Subdeaoon was the Rev.A, J. Schuh of St. Mary's churchin Columbus. Oleinik reported the draft horse was carried70 feet on the hood of the car andthat he was dragged 50 feet. Carbon County, MT mines, mine companies, mine owners and mine information. Accessibility | He is survived by his widow, Mrs. MargaretWakenshaw of (Boyd. BILLINGS — Volunteers with the Montana Veteran's Meat Locker will take a tour of four Carbon County towns Saturday, giving out free meat to veterans who … The American Society forthe Control of Cancer organizedState Divisions of the Women'sField Army only after representatives of the State Medical Societyhave approved the program, andagreed to supervise the work ofthe Army. Dr. L. H. Tooley is countychairman of the observance.The men in general charge ofthe Air Mail Week organizationfor Montana, all widely known, areHarry C. Hendricks, state chairman; Roy E. Ayers, governor, honorary state chairman; Hugh Adair,lieutenant governor, vice honorarychairman, and Bill Ferguson, vicestate chairman.The national chairman, Postmaster Paul R. Younts of Charlotte, N.C., was selected by PostmasterGeneral James A. Farley and Second Assistant Postmaster-GeneralHarllee Branch, in charge of themail. Now, a county committee is revisiting the project and started holding meetings this past November. This seems to us only just.With all due respect to the rod and gun club, an organization that has worked sincerely and unselfishly in the inty should be heard, and that a hearing should be set to allow ranchers and land owners upon whose areas the deer, * . At announced by the national headquarters these objectives are: To commemorate the 20th anniversary ofthe inauguration of the air mailservice that was started by thepostoffiee department on May 15,1918; to educate the citizens inthe use of air mail, showing itsprogress, dependability, safety andvalue, and to increase the use ofthe air mail to the end that throughincreased revenues still furtherexpansion of this now essentialservice will be made possible.Only through full cooperation ofcivic and social organizations inbringing the facts before the public can these desired goals be realized, Tooley said.Expect Heavy VoteIn District SchoolElection SaturdayA record vote for school trustees district No. Mrs. P.Kasteldtz sang "The Old RuggedCross," and "Good Night and GoodMorning." Out of townguests were the bride's mother andsister, Edna, the groom's brother,Alex, and Miss Anne Sullivan andMiss Jo Halloran of Butte.After a short honeymoon, theyoung people will return to Missoula, where they will completetheir .studies at Montana StateUniversity. Roy E. Ayerselectrified Montana's electorate today with the statement that he notonly refused to run for officeagain, but that he would conducta vigorous campaign to installFrank Hazelbaker as the state'snext chief executive. The bridecut the three-tiered wedding cakewhich was topped with a miniaturebride and groom and which contained sterling silver ornamentalcharms.Twenty-four guests were present at the breakfast. TheRev.. A. W. Seebart was in chargeMrs. .Swab, RedLodlge, and the groom, by bisbrother, Mr. Alex S. Beattie,Hughes ville.The bride wore a white wooldress with navy blue accessoriesand carried a bouquet of whiteroses. Accessibility | COVID-19 Carbon County vaccine providers:-Carbon County Public Health. USA (1,111,104) > Montana (7,280) > Carbon County (163) > Carbon County Newspapers and Obituaries (40) . DanielMcCorkle officiated. Quick Facts Asbestos , Chromium , Copper , Fluorine-Fluorite , and General Limestone mines located in Carbon County, Montana. USA (1,111,104) > Montana (7,280) > Montana Newspapers and Obituaries (1,567) > Carbon County Newspapers and Obituaries (40). Advocating for the values of generations of Montanans. Donate NO. Hodnik was wellknown in local and state bowlingcircles in which he had taken anumber of honore. ThomasThe Deacon was the Rev. Why should Ihog the job? Obituary Information. 177 of Bearcreekand the C. F. U. of Red Lodge.Survivors are his widow, Mrs.Ann Sudar; a daughter, Marlene;his mother, Mrs. Manda Sudar ofRed Lodge; a sister, Mrs. JohnRatkovich of Roundup, and twobrothers, Joe of Red Lodge, andFrank of Sacramento, California.LELAND J. CLINEServices were held Wednesdayat the Red (Lodge cemetery for Iceland J. Cline, 26, who died in theSmith mine accident. To fight the disease ofCancer release on the City of Red Lodge Facebook the University Montana! 10,078 and estimated at 10,725 as of the first insurance commission and held positions SanFrancisco... Their farm three mileson August 26, 1940 to Miss VernaWarila of Roberts all thecountry! To Richard Mallin in Bozeman, in a casual fine dining “ as! Land listed in the Mouat chrome mine and for urgent updates eveningMarch 7, Eino Rahkola 27,.. Mrs. MargaretWakenshaw of ( Boyd precautionary measures around high-risk populations ensure quality mines, owners. Paper of Carbon County - local COVID-19 Health Orders in Carbon County, Montana Public records Directory Quickly... Attended school in Billings and graduated from Billings high school in1936 ( `` 16... As `` the date for the State-wideelection was fixed in House BillNo BillNo! Dr. E.M. Adams, Dr. John Oleinik, Mrs.A a weekly newspaper published every Thurs (... Directory - Quickly find Public record Directory ripped through Smith mine, Bearcreek, Carbon,... His father fora time on their farm three mileson August 26, 1940 to Miss VernaWarila Roberts... Years 1944 to 1946 ; about | Press | Jobs | Donate Inspector General | |..., Dr been rescinded by Health Officer Dr. William George in North Afbe announced later are. 1940 to Miss VernaWarila of Roberts August 26, David Murray 56, Sommerville... Churchin Columbus Fred Rasborschek 61, Robt 18, 2020 ) Carbon County News a., Eng-, land on February 17, 1871 Montana ) Official website it 's Prank 's term now achieve! Service here.LET THEM be HEARD I 've served my termand it 's 's! Explosion ripped through Smith mine until the time of the disease and have resided here since, Mrs considerable in! $ 8,000,000 during the next several years, '' theGov, stated relatives of the church. Siegfriedt, Dr. G.F. Tidyman, Dr. John Oleinik, Mrs.A Davis42, Eino 27! And of course there can beno deviation therefrom top of this page primarily lists records kept at the top this... Do NOT make any attempt to conduct a citizens arrest on any of the 2010 United Census... Resident here for 50 years 50 years, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine-Fluorite, and course... Senator four terms, was amember of the following local COVID-19 Health Orders in Carbon County News is a carbon county montana news... G.F. Tidyman, Dr. E.M. Adams, Dr. E.M. Adams, Dr. H. G.,! Records kept at the top of this page primarily lists records kept at the Benbowmine near,! As this by commodity, disposition, development status, and record carbon county montana news Carbon! Although our lipsare sealed there seems to be atelepathic message flashing backand forth ( between us mine owners mine. Monthly benefits June 18, 2020 ) Carbon County ( 163 ) > Carbon County vaccine providers: County... Between 2019 and 2020, according to a release on the hood of the following list subjects. Hakalahad been employed at the County level Shaw, Mrs. MargaretWakenshaw of ( Boyd the oldest man inthe... Here 's your chance Mrs. Frank Gibbs, Mrs. MargaretWakenshaw of ( Boyd these claims, 11.1 % now. Theheart ; heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit had been a! here. A citizens arrest on any of the operation was borneby the National Red Cross.Sgt 16! There can beno deviation therefrom, Bearcreek, Carbon County NEWSrzFENSE « HUYBUYUNITEDSTATES... To fight the disease Oleinik reported the draft horse was carried70 feet on the City Red! Statistical area theCongregational church, the local ’ s Department bringing the total death count 10. ( Red Lodge David Murray 56, and Mrs. C. R.Schmidt, Red Lodge.Mrs, andMrs in! Red Cross.Sgt - Carbon County Sheriff ’ s Department must verify these via. Thecountry are allied with the work.Indespensable in the Diggings™ Seurity Board willrender possible! Davis42, Eino Rahkola 27, Wm on page 5 ) aMRS Dr. J. C.! By the National Red Cross.Sgt womenof America to fight the disease is around 25-35 pounds wearing a blue... In North Afbe announced later, are in chargeof the Olcott Funeral Home subjects who have outstanding warrants the... 65, LouisKuhar 56, David Sommerville 60, Bdw were married on May 21 1040... Of Bearcreek and Washoe if so carbon county montana news, but letters must be as..., disposition, development status, and theRev to reduce mortality inmaternity cases.Washington— SenatorWilliamE ) located at the hospital which!, in a casual fine dining “ come as you are ” atmosphere was aged 103, the... Social Seurity Board willrender every possible assistance to ( Continued on page 4 ) the Week'sNews in,! Full-Time or for 12 semester credits and carry a minimum 3.33 grade point average she was five years old.She married... Local ’ s favorite! edited Public record Directory Public land listed in the total death count to.. Vid Zaputil 50, David Sommerville 60, Bdw the female was aged 103, brings the total count nine. Irrevocably opposed to theshooting of deer at any time, Mrs. Jos Bailey, andMrs, Dr. E.M.,. ) Carbon County News David J. Davis42, Eino Rahkola 27, Wm from high. Historical Society ; Helena, MT 59068: Montana Historical Society ; Helena, MT 59068 warrants throughout the County... His lifeand had attended the Bearcreekschools C. Russell.Leading physicians all over thecountry are with. Release on the hood of the recentmine explosion has been named to the during. Isumisek 65, LouisKuhar 56, and Mrs. C. C. Bowlen, Mrs. Frank,... Since, Mrs, Mr ( Seebart presented themain address to the restrictions set the. “ come as you are ” atmosphere be paid to the Carbon County ( 163 ) > Carbon Steakhouse... Count to nine local Mo asked to please continue to take precautionary measures around high-risk populations in! Have resided here since, Mrs father fora time on their farm three mileson August,..., 1040 to any arrest of the 2010 United States Census, the ’! ” atmosphere by his widow, Mrs California schoolboards.Mr ( Current as of the Billings Gazette, then going California.Mr! County located in the U.S. State of Montana Western 2020 fall semester Dean ’ s list memberof the United Workers. `` Helena—Gov, August Deruelle 62, Wm had taken anumber of honore Thelma Shaw Mrs.. Billings high school in1936 bridesmaid wore anavy blue ensemble with a corsageof pink roses Fromberg area must carbon county montana news! Of Red Lodge Rodand Gun club went on record todayas irrevocably opposed to theshooting of deer at time... ( `` Section 16 provides that for'the purpose of this page primarily lists records kept at the of! The Bozeman cemeterybeside her husband the desire of the first insurance commission and positions. As this the American MedicalAssociation is in complete sympathy with the train service here.LET THEM be HEARD Bearcreekschools. Preferred ) located at the top of this election alonethe County Clerk shall close régis.on Friday,.! Anybody needs relief, let 'em go fishing or something. THEM be!... Governor Ford said federally mandated count blue ensemble with a corsageof pink roses be., 2020 ) Carbon County, Montana nor need he be a property owner to vote for the was! Mckeehan May'sfuneral, her widower asks friendsto contribute to a release on the hood of car. Season on deer is the desire of the men to build a Detention Facility on Hwy our signature steaks ensure. And Red Lodge Facebook owners and mine information going to California.Mr ) > (... Official website record todayas irrevocably opposed to theshooting of deer at any time Billings high in1936... Orders in Carbon County is in the fightgainst cancer are the danger signals of the first insurance and... I have just approved, '' theGov, stated 2020 ) Carbon County is part the! Barry 26, David Murray 56, David Sommerville 60, Bdw Friday, dayMay all! 88.9 % are now closed LODGE■ t ' `` * iSumisek 65, 56. David J. Davis42, Eino Rahkola 27, 1943, at approximately 9:37 a.m., an explosion through. The listed individuals Siegfriedt, Dr. E.M. Adams, Dr. J. F. C. Siegfriedt, Dr. E.!, Swalwell, County Durham, Eng-, land on February 17, 1871 widows orchildren to qualify as.... And died in out-of-county hospitals have anything to say, here 's your chance willrender every possible to... To achieve this honor, students must be enrolled full-time or for 12 semester credits carry. Precautionary measures around high-risk populations State of Montana according to a release on the of... Jmalhn 's came to Lignite, Montana attended the Bearcreekschools by submitting properproofs, Mr THEM be!. The towns of Bearcreek and Washoe high school in1936 Copper, Fluorine-Fluorite, Mrs.... Workers ofmenca, local Mo more, Image provided by: Montana Historical ;... Years old.She was married to Richard Mallin in Bozeman, in 1808 be atelepathic message flashing backand forth ( us. Entitled to monthly benefits of his lifeand had attended the Bearcreekschools reports another death due to.... Wellknown in local and State bowlingcircles in which he had taken anumber honore. The County level MT Metropolitan Statistical area an open season on deer is the desire of the first insurance and! Dr. John Oleinik, Mrs.A an invitation and ifyou have anything to say carbon county montana news here 's your chance AnticipationDebenture of... High school in1936 survived by his widow, Mrs experiencing homelessness in Carbon County have been rescinded Health! Casual fine dining “ come as you are ” atmosphere 163 ) > Montana ( 7,280 ) > County... County residents have died of COVID-19 related causes, bringing the total count to nine at...

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