– ‘Optimal Management of Water and Energy in Irrigation Systems: Application to the Bardenas Canal‘, IFAC 2017 World Congress, July 2017. *New*

– ‘Zwei Fliegen mit einer klappe schlagen‘ (Catch two flies with one flyflap), Land and Forest, June 2017. *New*

– ‘Evaluating the usefulness of continuous leaf turgor pressure measurements for the assessment of Persimmon tree water status‘, Irrigation Science, October, 2016.  

Case studies

Resource efficiency at local level:

  • High pressure system optimization (GPS approach), (Schulz + von der Ohe) – Energy Efficiency (link)
  • Alternative power systems for low pressure irrigation systems, (LGRAIN)- Cost Efficiency (link)
  • Leaf sensors, (Yara International) – Crop per drop (link)

Decision Support Tools

  •  HydrOptim, (ADASA) – Cost efficiency, multi-objective scenarios simulation, season planning (link)

Information services and ICT Platform

  • Weather forecast, (METOESIM) – Information service (link)
  • Crop water demand forecast, (ELEAF) – Information service: Crop per drop (link)
  • Energy price forecast, (CREARA) – Information service: Cost efficiency (link)
  • WEAM4i ICT platform, (HISPATEC, HYDROLOGIC, ADASA) – Integrated information services and applications (link)