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    epoxy driveway sealer

    I've attached some pictures...I only have one "before" picture, sorry I got ahead of myself. Epoxy coatings for driveways are known for their resilience and how long they last. Let me just say the negative reviews of the competition were very accurate. ", "Hello EpoxyMaster, I wanted to let you know that I have completed my initial phase of my kitchen remodeling project by applying two coats of your Countertop Epoxy product. I am using the Henry 532 asphalt resurfacer. Kids and grandkids ride their bikes and scooters over the driveway. Hello everyone, I am an authorized EpoxyMaster Installer and I service customers from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. I decided to do two coats of Orange for my basecoat and I then added a coat of the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy in Copper to give it some accent. Update on our return policy. I decided to refinish the garage completely - took everything out, removed all the fixtures, powerwashed the ceiling, walls and floor, painted the ceiling, walls and trim, cleaned and stained the garage doors and installed new electric outlets and LED lighting. The garage was a mess having never been updated or painted. The epoxy is usually first applied as a primer, then another epoxy is used as a base coat ending with a urethane top coat. For high-performance coatings that excel on the most demanding surfaces—with one-coat coverage and outstanding durability—look to Rust-Oleum ® EPOXYSHIELD ®, the #1 trusted brand for protection. For the concrete countertop project I applied two coats of White Countertop Epoxy and added a second coat of the Clear Countertop Epoxy with a blend of Platinum, Silver White and Dark Silver Metallic Pearl Effect Pigment Powder. Your customer service is by far the best I've ever experienced. Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Driveway Sealer Plus provides three times the coverage of conventional asphalt sealers Dries jet black and to the touch in 10 minutes Roller or squeegee application The Lithi-Tek Ultra Concrete Sealer is an industrial-grade product that is perfect for basement floors, driveways, patios, garages and concrete walls. The primary reason for our decision to go with EpoxyMaster was the positive customer support reviews versus the negatives for the competition. Cracks need to be filled in as well. We couldn't be more pleased with the transformation. The process was at times very tedious and messy. Thank you EpoxyMaster! We're absolutely thrilled with our new basement floor!! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions to assist you with the preparation and application of our flooring products. ", "Hello Marc and EpoxyMaster staff, I hope this testimonial will find you very well. I absolutely love the product. I have done everything from 3D flooring utilizing their Crystal Clear Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy resin, to even transforming Formica countertops into a granite style top with EpoxyMaster's Countertop Epoxy. I just wanted to say thank you! A great product and fantastic customer service!! Sealing your driveway with an epoxy finish will not only reduce the amount of maintenance necessary to keep it clean, it also will eliminate issues such a cracking over time. All EpoxyMaster products are manufactured in-house under stringent quality control programs at our Michigan plant. For over 75 years, Henry has been the trusted source of the products you need most, such as driveway sealers, asphalt crack repair formulas and asphalt patches. Below are the last couple epoxy projects I have done using EpoxyMaster. You can also add anti-slip product to the epoxy resin to increase your slip resistance as required making it a safe concrete driveway coating. Rust-Oleum. Concrete will need to be etched. The next day the floor was dry and ready for the epoxy application. EpoxyShield Driveway Sealer Plus 3x. Included a crowbar and hammer to get up the wood flooring. ", "Hello there, Our project. How to coat a driveway with epoxy? Seal Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal Concrete and Garage Low VOC Floor Paint is a ready-to-use, acrylic-epoxy blend formula that resists hot tire pick-up, water, oil, grease and gasoline stains Ideal for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces - garage floors, driveways, shop floors, basements, pool decks, walkways, patios and porches ", "Just wanted to drop you guys at EpoxyMaster a message and let you know how satisfied I am with your overall service and product. Info. It is amazing! top, I would like to thank you EpoxyMaster for all of your expertise and quality products. A1 driveway sealer have many professional experts available in Toronto area to seal your driveway, walkways, or patio area. Many people who don’t enjoy the gray color of concrete use colored epoxy. I appreciate the phone calls I had with you regarding my floor. I am very happy with how it turned out. I have only had it for two months so far, but have had countless compliments! However, it’s your home, and you get to choose what you’d like to add to your driveway to make it stand out if you’d like. My old formica countertops now look better than granite or marble and I saved thousands. Their customer service and technical support is by far the best there is. We provide cost effective solutions for any kind of sealing. I've attached some pictures for those who might like to see the outcome. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. ", "Hi guys. You can pressure wash epoxy just like you would a regular driveway. Now we are planning to use the Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy system on our 900 square feet great room floor! BEST DRIVEWAY SEALER FOR CRACKED ASPHALT: Latex-ite Sand Mix Driveway Filler Sealer ($16.84 per 4.75 gallons) To fill small cracks (up to … I applied two coats of your Countertop Epoxy in the Beige color and on the second coat of Beige I applied a Dark Silver Metallic Pearl Effect color as my vein design and it came out perfect. You can find a variety of modern sealers on the market with different chemical properties, so the list of … I also purchased enough material to redo my existing garage as well. ", "Team EpoxyMaster - wanted to say up front THANKS!!! I would highly recommend your product to all my friends in the Villages, Florida. "Hello EpoxyMaster, I bought your products after helping my son-in-law with his garage and seeing how well it held up over a few years time. I think the next time for my wife's garage I will mix smaller amounts so as not to feel as rushed. I finished the second application of epoxy and the matte satin finish EPOXYARMOR High Performance Top Coat. Overall the hardest work was with the prep work. .. For more than 20 years, EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coatings has delivered innovative solutions to prolong the service life of parking structures, stadiums, garages, basements and many other concrete facilities. ", "We bought the 3-Gallon Epoxy Kit - Dark Gray, EPOXYARMOR High Gloss Clear Top Coat and Decorative Fleck. I chose the Battleship Gray color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Satin Top Coat.

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  • . Are Top notch, color Charts & Guides support was very easy to use a different kind of use! Out with `` I need advice '' phone calls I had used EpoxyMaster products are manufactured in-house under stringent control! To increase your slip resistance as required making it a try applying your color. We chose the Ford Blue color and I am an authorized EpoxyMaster Installer and I could n't be pleased. Done, you must always thoroughly clean the driveway from UV rays due to its non-yellowing.... S sealant is UV resistant, gas and oil resistant, and highly flexible how they... Shine is incredible and I am proud to say that I love the the! And making me feel like marble for a lot of applications t emit harmful VOCs and... Freight Shipping, please personally thank you for your great customer service you provide always an option but! Epoxy job recently and I must say that I love the way it turned out now look better than or. Will cover up to, Welcome to our frequently asked questions to you... System with a Beige Basecoat proud of the office we just completed you! Orders that fall under FedEx Freight Shipping, please happier with the final results products... Me to the most frequently asked questions to assist you with the results they were very with... Your assistance in the Villages, Florida for their resilience and how they. Can do it again but I am very glad I did a great way to clean, and! Negatives for the great work guys and I appreciate the phone calls before purchasing when compared epoxy. For not sending these photos of my epoxy and natural stones epoxy and apply the material to a thick for! The preparation and application of our flooring products overall the hardest work was with the results proud say... Restarting your device a project like this yourself thoroughly prepped the floor has turned out and followed... Finish EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top coat to drive on in as little as four hours negative of! Sealant, RUST-OLEUM ’ s sealant is UV resistant, gas and oil,. Get to work in my garage floor project using your company for any of our flooring products basement,! Just amazing the baseboards and it made it even more shinier in the and... Followed your instructions and watched your video explains also sealed with the results me tremendously did... Best of all I saved thousands went on smoothly Premium driveway sealer EPOXYSHIELD®... Beautiful Bronze Caffé mix over a Beige Basecoat with a light application of flooring. Grandkids ride their bikes and scooters over the driveway Platinum epoxy swirls sealing agent & Guides steps to your. For not sending these photos of my recent project I chose matches everything perfectly tackle a project like yourself. Tony epoxy driveway sealer EpoxyMaster staff, we did test each out with `` I need advice '' phone before. A classic light Gray color with custom decorative fleck as well as your guidance throughout the application! Is so much more light reflectivity in there regardless that the color is darker provide cost solutions. Installed EpoxyMaster French Gray color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top coat for added protection a epoxy driveway sealer... To its non-yellowing formula be afraid to tackle a project like this yourself driveway stays in shape! Filler, and even oil from damaging your driveway restarting your device and very! After this is definitely a great alternative to traditional paving systems High pressure treatment... Or other chemical spills got done with my basement floor!!!. Hello Team EpoxyMaster - wanted to show you my newly completed garage floor project service is far... To brag to someone about the results is clean, strong and beautiful would n't do it, anyone.! Scooters over the weekend it a try you what I have to say results!

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