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    dark sky park, california

    When you think of scenic drives through national parks you may not think of Texas, but there’s a national park with amazing dark sky views nestled in the Lone Star State along the Rio Grande River. Phone: (760) 786-3200 (National Park Service Death Valley) Directions: From Barstow, head east on I-15 N for 62.6 miles. Join the IDA Monthly Moonrise Club to help provide the sustained resources needed for IDA to fight light pollution and keep the stars shining bright. 2. The park is named after Juan Bautista de Anza, the Spanish explorer. protects crucial habitat for endemic species and hundreds of archaeological and historic sites. Ready to do a little stargazing with your favorite people? A Designated Dark Sky Community, Borrego Springs protects the night sky—a valuable natural resource—from light pollution, so that everyone living and visiting here can enjoy the glittering stars, moon and Milky Way. exit toward Death Valley. Less than a one-hour drive from Greater Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park will be designated an International Dark Sky Park … Saddleback Butte State Park. to see your favorite constellation — you will be able to see up to 15,000 stars at night! After hiking all day through Island in the Sky part of the park, go on a ranger-lead program with visitors from Arches National Park and Dead Horse State Park for an introduction in stargazing and telescope viewing. Turn left at CA-190 W and continue for 30.8 miles. Cantil, CA, www.parks.ca.gov. In fact, it’s such a popular southern California stargazing spot that the Mojave National Preserve Conservancy hosts regular star parties in this area. Take the CA-127/Kelbaker Rd. Death Valley’s natural darkness, along with National … Its own house is in good order, the result of a lack of utility-provided electricity within the Park boundaries to power outdoor lighting and a reliance on solar photovoltaic systems. By becoming a Brand Partner, your company is helping to advocate for responsible lighting and natural night skies. In order to be awarded this prestigious certification, a state park, natural area, national monument or national park has to be protected for natural conservation and have an exceptional nocturnal … WHAT IS A DARK SKY PLACE? Not only is Borrego Springs the state’s first (and only) International Dark Sky Community, but Anza-Borrego Desert State Park offers more than 500 miles of dirt roads through undeveloped land. Find locations suitable for stargazing, a light pollution map, accessibility by car, space to park, travel time & distance, weather conditions and lunar phase. Get ready to gaze at the night sky the way it was meant to be seen...in complete darkness! International Dark Sky Park Death Valley National Park harbors some of the darkest night skies in the United States. The land is home to the endangered bighorn desert sheep—known by its Spanish name "Borrego." Shooting stars are a local favorite - if your travels take you to Sequoia in mid-August, you may even be … You’ll need a car to get there, and it's a bit of a trek — but the view makes it worth it! A dark-sky preserve status enables high-quality astronomical observation in Paranal Observatory. For residents of the greater Los Angeles area – some 18 million people as of 2015 – Joshua Tree National Park is the nearest convenient place to go stargazing under a relatively dark sky. From protecting night skies to promoting eco-friendly lighting, all of IDA’s successes start with the dedication and passion of members like you. //=c.offsetWidth&&0>=c.offsetHeight)a=!1;else{d=c.getBoundingClientRect();var f=document.body;a=d.top+("pageYOffset"in window?window.pageYOffset:(document.documentElement||f.parentNode||f).scrollTop);d=d.left+("pageXOffset"in window?window.pageXOffset:(document.documentElement||f.parentNode||f).scrollLeft);f=a.toString()+","+d;b.b.hasOwnProperty(f)?a=!1:(b.b[f]=!0,a=a<=b.g.height&&d<=b.g.width)}a&&(b.a.push(e),b.c[e]=!0)}y.prototype.checkImageForCriticality=function(b){b.getBoundingClientRect&&z(this,b)};u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality",function(b){x.checkImageForCriticality(b)});u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkCriticalImages",function(){A(x)});function A(b){b.b={};for(var c=["IMG","INPUT"],a=[],d=0;d

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